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Prindi leht

When are  survival courses organised? All year round

How many days does a course last? It is possible to choose a course with 1-4 overnight stays.

Will I be in safe hands? The instructor has passed numerous survival courses (both military as well as civilian), is certified as survival instructor and has been active in this field since 1993 on national and international level.
What are the courses like?
The survival courses have 7 levels of difficulty, which are composed regarding the season, number of training days, themes to be handled, level of starvation, passing the course in a group or alone. At the beginning of every next stage a brief summary of the former training is given. Ask for additional information about the themes to be handled on every level of difficulty! Participants can previously choose the themes they want to study. Beginners as well as people with previous experiences are welcome – men, women and children. 
An example, 3-day package includes: 2 meals, sauna at the end of the course, instructor’s fee, usage of the training room, training material and means both for theoretical as well as for practical training, staying the night outside. Those passing the course will receive a certificate. Themes to be handled on every level of difficulty are: the basics of survival, necessary equipment, shelters, hygiene and principles of clothing, first aid, making fire.
Depending on the level of difficulty you can choose a course of 1-4 nights.
Additional themes: orienteering, building of an outdoor sauna and bunker, making a rucksack, rope, marsh and snow shoes, drinking mug and fire-keeper, sharpening of knife, getting and consumption of water, medicinal herbs, making of fishing and trapping means, determination of quarters and time (orienteering without a compass) + 15 additional themes.
Upon request you can get training with military orientation: behaviour rules in battle and in prison, building of hide-outs, escape from dogs and misleading of them, behaviour in case of primary questioning, hiding of tracks + 10 additional themes.
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